Дети 10-14
Осень в Бургундии 2018
Франция | 2018
октябрь — ноябрь

About Marabou

Marabou is a unique international camp for gifted children from Russian-language families and families of Russian ancestry. Young people of different ages (10-14 years old) come to Marabou from various countries (from the USA to Singapore) and with disparate interests. What unites these boys and girls is the Russian language and the eagerness to learn. These things prove to be enough for them, with our assistance, to have a good time during the holidays and make new friends from all over the world.

Initially we planned Marabou as a mathematical camp, and our goal was to allow Russian-language children living in Europe to get acquainted with the legendary Russian mathematical school. But interest in the project was so strong that we moved beyond the planned framework – both geographic and topical – almost immediately.

Mathematics remains the basic subject in Marabou (it’s worth mentioning that its level is so high that even children from Russia come to our camp, although they have lots and lots of mathematical camps and study groups available on an ongoing basis), but along with that we offer young people a wide range of learning courses to choose – from genetics to pop-music history.

Marabou is special because the people who teach courses here are not just teachers but outstanding specialists – scientists, writers, well-known science communicators. Among our lecturers have been Sergei Guriev, Professor of economics at the Instituts d'études politiques (Sciences Po) in Paris and the Chief Economist of the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, writers Sergei Kuznetsov and Linor Goralik, whose books are translated into all the main European (and not only European) languages, Ella Paneyakh, PhD, the leading research associate at the Institute for the Rule of Law (Sociology department, University of Michigan), Boris Filanovsky, one of the leading contemporary avant-garde composers, Elena Gelfand from the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard), and many others.

Traditionally Marabou sessions are held three times a year (in spring, summer and autumn) in one of the countries of Europe (France, Czech Republic, etc.) in comfortable hotels located in areas of natural beauty.

One of the major priorities for Marabou is the children’s health and security. We observe all the European standards in this field. A qualified MD and psychologist are permanently present in the summer camp, and our camp counsellors and assistants have extensive knowledge and practical experience of work with children.

Since the camps for young people proved to be a real hit, Marabou has started to organize educational holidays for adults. For example, in summer 2015 our Smart Vacation was held with great success. The participants on that occasion enjoyed their time in the Czech Republic while listening to lectures on genetics, the psychology of cross-cultural relationships and the role of costume in people’s everyday self-presentation.