About Marabou

Marabou is an educational camp for Russian-speaking kids. Children aged 10-14 and teens aged 14-17 come to Marabou from different countries to learn from the best experts in the fields of science, arts, and maths.

Marabou started in 2014 as a mathematics camp with a program rooted in the Russian mathematical tradition. In our second year, we decided to expand beyond mathematics so that children could explore their interests in a variety of areas.

Each year we have a new program that covers a wide range of topics from classical music and pop culture to genetics and astronomy. Mathematics remains the focus of our summer camps. Our math teachers (among them winners of the International Math Olympics) follow a unique method that helps even the most reluctant learners appreciate the beauty of mathematics.

Our core values include:

  • An inclusive environment where students feel supported.
  • Student-centered learning.
  • Ensuring 'work and play' balance.
  • Interdisciplinary academic program.
  • Marabou brings together inspiring teachers who have excelled in their chosen field, among them scientists, creative professionals, and researchers. We have had many distinguished lecturers, including economist Sergei Guriev, avant-garde composer Boris Filanovsky, astrophysicist and former NASA engineer Julia Brodski, art director Natasha Mileshina, Google engineer Vera Baturina, writer Sergey Kuznetsov as well as many others.

    In addition to the academics, our program includes sports, outdoor activities, quests, and games. The team of trained counselors makes sure that every child feels included and supported. We have a psychologist on-site to help younger children adjust to a new setting and to make sure that older children get the encouragement they need.

    We have three camps a year for children and one camp for teens. Spring and fall camps are hosted at the Chateau Le Sallay in Burgundy, France. Summer camps are usually held in Hungary. In 2021 we have launched a new camp in the United States. In all of our camps, we maintain high standards of comfort and safety, fully compliant with the EU and the US regulations.

    The Marabou schedule for 2022 includes: